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Romex has been established as a hardware firm in India. The company has laid the seeds of operation across the world.

Creating breakthrough solutions in hardware industry, Romex generates new market that demands high-grade products. The consistent focus of the company is to ensure customer satisfaction by meeting their safety and security needs. Romex is widely conceded to be the constant innovators with a cutting edge technological clench. The giant hardware firm Kryptons possesses the complete ownership of Romex. Nearly two decades of experienced professionals with high resourcefulness endorse the company’s regality.


To provide supreme quality hardware products at a reasonable price

To innovate the conventional designs


We focus on producing value and thereby gaining incredible customer satisfaction We constantly strive on innovative products that cater to the demand of the customers

ROMEX: The most powerful hardwares ever on the market

Create tailor-cut websites with the exclusive multi-purpose responsive hardwares along with powerful features.

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